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Aregbesola Started On A Good Footing, How I Wish Ogbeni Have A Soft Landing : Mukhtar Ajelogbon Demoon

An Open Letter To The State Governor Of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola by Mukhtar Ajelogbon Demoon

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 Mr. Governor,

 I have taken it upon myself to write you yet another letter. Permit me mr Governor, the zeal for my state consumes my heart. Also, the time we are is very symbolic and must not be treated as just any other season because it may determine your landing as the number one citizen of the state of virtue which I am curious and conscious about.

Mr Governor, it is already six and half years that you, the 4th democratically elected governor of the state of Osun was sworn in. How time flies? Although, I do not believe in superstitions, and do not intend to make you become religious. On your first day in office, I vowed to myself that I will pray for you and your team. Praise you when do the right and constructively criticize you when do the wrong.

Our Symbol Sir, as a young progressive man, and a campaigner for good governance, I have closely followed your team's activities since you assumed office for more than six years "oku ojometa kii se ajoji saare" if I may say with all sense of boldness and affirmative that I have accepted as a matter of fact that the transformation going on in the state is an answer to your prayers, a relief to your struggle and a reward to our age long labour. Please, don't forget that all your good legacies as the most performed governor so far in the history of Osun Will be determined by how you landed (the end will surely justify the means)

Your Excellency, oh sorry, Mr Governor, up till your first year in your second tenure which is equivalent to your sixth years in office, people of Osun keep saying "this Ogbeni" is better than "that Ogbeni". They are thinking that if what they are seeing aren't mere jamborees, then it may be possible to hew out of their mountain of despair, a stone of hope because you have never shown any sign of being vindictive against those who made you to run marathon for a short race, and those who belong to the other camp as you fought a long battle to retrieve your mandate in 2010. This was a major weakness of your predecessor, but I was hoping you will remain so, as you consider yourself the governor of the whole state; not the governor of the selected few.

Our Ogbeni, you deserve some praises for these and many others. However, you must watch it, lest the praises make you lose focus until you end well. To call a spade a spade, what I use to see that make me and numerous Osun citizens to be proud of you, it seems not to be there again or it seems to be hidden (I stand to be corrected).

Sir, despite your delay appointment of caretaker committees in all our Local Governments in Osun, those who are singing the song of prise over the appointment are less than those who are disappointed. I and many progressives are getting uncomfortable about your delay in setting up the full state cabinet. Except you do not need any, other names should be forwarded to the appropriate quarter for the state appointments.  Before I conclude in giving up on the optimization on your landing as "Omoluabi akoko" in our dear state, kindly consider me no too little to tell you this under listed bitter and naked truth, if somehow it does any good.

1) Mr Governor, I discovered in your political calculations that you always delay your promises despite the fact that you will still fulfill them. And when it becomes an habit, people do not believe in your words anymore, which leads to people  attaching different names to your "golden names" which I may not be able to mention in this letter.

 2) Democratically, if the third tires of government is handled the way you and many Southwest governors who claimed to be true Awoist and campaigners for a true federalist state are handle it by failing to conduct proper Local Government election, our democracy is in serious mess.

 3) Mr Governor, no one is an island of knowledge, "Ogbon ologbon kii je ki a pe agbalagba ni were" also "owo omode ko to pepe, t'agbalagba ko wo keregbe" many advises and ideas brought to you are not been considered. please take to some advice and not all.

4) The long overdue state appointments should be used to correct and strengthen your administrative power beyond your tenure by considering those who worked for the party and your emergence in 2007 and 2014. The idea of reappointing those who have benefited should be review, there are lots of young technocrats and progressives in this state who are yet to be fixed.

5) To be candid, the "Symbol" we knew yesterday is different from "Ogbeni" we know today, not because of anything but because many of your loyalist are seeing you as been spiritually controlled by your close associates (the Ajirobas). Truly, you're unknowingly subscribing to their selfless agendas been packaged as pro-Ogbeni. They will always tell you what you like to hear, and I tagged them as tick (eegbon) "ipa n pa'arare, o ni ohun pa aja." They do not border how and where you will land.

6) I must say how disappointing it will be if you failed to conduct local government election before the next guber poll this coming year 2018, while your legacies of undemocratic governance will last for decades in the history of Osun.

7) Despite all bailout funds from the Federal government amidst economy recession, the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Osun NLC and the State government, Osun workers are not in anyway in support of your administration because of how their salaries are been handled. Please find a lasting solution to this before the change of your leadership.

8) Politically, the leadership of the All Progressives Congress in the State of Osun must as a matter of urgency adopt another strategy of managing their affairs of the party across the state, APC is currently recording numerous factions with different agendas not minding how negative and damage it may cause for the party.

9) The last awaited blow on your Excellency is who, where and how your successor will emerge. Should I tell you something sir? non of your so called political friends and associates want you to choose the peoples choice to succeed you. please surprise everybody in picking your successor true the party APC primary election which could determine your performance despite all the good legacies you brought to us in Osun.

Mr Governor, as I bring this letter to a close, permit me to say in my opinion that you have started on a good footing, I was hoping that you will sustain the momentum and even increase it, but I notice derailment in your steps, that is what prompt my eagerness to write you this letter to please take to those points for your soft landing. I like to put it straight that my submission here is scanty and devoid of data presentation, this is done in the interest and protection of your excellency and our great party. How I wish to meet you mr. governor to express how you are greatly losing your fans day by day and how scared I am because of the love I have for you and as an APC member.  Lest I forget, this is my fifth letter to your excellency (3 opened, and 2 closed), my letter remain just one if Allah spear us, and the title of my last letter to you will depends on how you landed.

I wish Ogbeni AbdulRauf Adesoji Aremu Aregbesola 'Symbol' a soft landing, and all the people of the state of Osun a prosperous days ahead. Amen.

Yours in progress,
 Mukhtar Ajelogbon DeMoon

© May, 2017

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