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Political Terrain Between Governor Yahaya And Dino Melaye By: AWOSUSI OPEYEMI

The Nigerian political terrain has become so petrifying that our leaders whom we expect to be sane and cognitive enough have painted the country as one that is sick in all ramifications; and as such requires a very urgent attention.

It is so shameful that Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state and Dino Melaye -the 'ajekun iya' crooner, whom the people entrusted with their rights in giving them their mandate for the leaders to provide a better structure for the welfare of the good people of Kogi state, are at loggerheads with each other. Really, it is becoming a battle to finish!

It would be recalled that Bello was the candidate presented by the APC after  Prince Abubakar Audu died before his potential political victory. Out of confidence, Kogi indigenes voted Bello into power, giving him the mandate to serve them for a period of  four years. Perhaps they voted in a man who would be more concerned with subduing potential political rivals and exchanging words with a sycophant like Dino _mi-o-raye_, a man who has really proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is bereft of sound attitude and has abandoned his constituents to their anguish.

It is rumoured that the Governor Yahaya led administration lacks administrative efficiency and  foresight. Loyalists of the Governor have tried to defend the administration, but indeed the noble man is messing up. When the Office of the Governor was confronted for owing some workers as much as fifteen (15) months salary, the Chief of Staff came out boldly to announce that the workers that haven't received their salaries were being screened and that they were owed just twelve months salaries. What a shame for a state that claims to generate 300% IGR. No doubt, Bello's administration is giving its might to the development of the state in terms of Agriculture and reducing the cost of governance by having a lean administration; the administration can only do better by facilitating the reopening of Kogi State University which has been under lock and key.

"If i die, I die." This is the _ipsissima verba_ that came out unguardedly from the self acclaimed "man of the people." Dino Melaye, ever since being crafted into the red chambers has been involved in one scandal or the other. Last year, he made a s38xist remark on a fellow Senator- Oluremi Tinubu and even threatened to beat her up. He would later be the figure around whom a certificate saga revolved,  however, he found a subtle way of manoeuvring events and burying the matter in his own wisdom. What a clever man!

The obnoxious Senator would later be caught on tape making arrangements to bribe Akoh Ikpeme, a Tribunal Judge, not in Naira, but in the scarce USD, to pave way for his political voyage. However, Dino would only deny this and set the blame game rolling on Smart Adeyemi - his eternal rival in Kogi politics.

Nigerians and indeed Dino's constituents are fully aware of his dubious personality as a man of questionable character, corporate thief, squanderer whose source of wealth is not only questionable but has found a way to oppress his constituents and mislead Nigerian youths at large by the vain display of his _exoticas_. On several occasions, he has been questioned on his source of wealth. It noteworthy that oga Dino has never given a straight answer to this he claims to have gotten his wealth before his sojourn in politics. One can only imagine if he is stuck in illegal dealings.

Recently, the Senator went as far as launching his infamous book titled "Antidotes for corruption", an event where he invited some people who were brilliantly culminated by the erudite Wole Soyinka as "a group of disgusting reprobates" who are well known to be steep in corrupt practices. Among them is Mama Peace, Speaker of the House of Representatives, who is being investigated for his involvement in padding the 2016 budget.

Fellow Nigerians, these questionable men and women of crooked ways came together and celebrrated the launching of a fellow pro-corruption crusader whose rise to the Senate is still under scrutiny.

The book was even sold at a ludicrous amount of money, expecting the poor masses to get a copy. Well, no one wants to waste his hard earned money on purchasing a book written by a less scholarly man.

It is however applaudable that the constituents of the dubious Senator have come to accept the reality that Dino was really a bad choice who is misrepresenting the people - Dino has become a laughing stock, the "ball boy" of the fantastically corrupt Senate President who will still meet his nemesis despite him being discharged and acquitted by the CCT,  and a source of entertainment to Nigerians at large.

As provided by section 69 of the Nigerian constitution as altered, the process of recall of the dreaded Senator is going on and really gaining momentum. One can only wait for the success of this process, which will not only be relieving, but historical.

As predicted, Senator Dino Melaye whom his constituents have lost confidence in is now making frantic efforts to truncate this constitutional process.  Youths are being instigated against the Government of the state and Dino has even alleged that the plot to recall him was instigated by Governor Bello by implication, Dino is making it known to his constituents that they are dumbs and know not what is right.
Dino should indeed be invited by Police authorities why he masterminded a protest without getting a permit from the police which  eventually led to the violent attempt on his life and the death of a resourceful youth in Kogi State.

The comedian cum vulgar Senator is now pointing accusing fingers at Yahaya Bello for sponsoring the assassination attempt on his life. Well, let the law take its course sir!

Just recently, he was caught on another tape fumbling to a friend of his on phone that "there will be no peace in Gaza" (Gaza symbolizes Kogi State). Well, this is not surprising  as the Senate is profound in mobilizing youths to vandalize properties and slay anyone who is on the side of the "opposition."

Greatest Nigerians, ever discerning youths, it is high time we all awoke from our slumber and stop the desperate political class from mortgaging our future. The future is now! Enough of the games being played by our leaders at the detriment of our welfare.

Youths in Kogi state and indeed Nigerians must stop and avoid being used by any cabal for political games
It is no gainsaying that the Nigerian youths constitutes 70% of the voters' population in the country. The right persons must be voted for during elections and must be critically appraised if they fail to deliver to the people.

Collection of PVCs is vital, as it is the weapon of the eligible masses to stop corrupt officials from gaining power.

Enough of the havoc the  debauch political class has wretched on the country.

The labour of heroes past shall not be in vain!

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