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Read Why Tomatoes Are Always Expensive From May Till July And The Glut In August

After Studying the Nigerian Vegetable(tomato) market for almost three years, i advice Nigerians in the south (south-west/south-east/south-south) to braze for impact, cause the price of tomato is about to skyrocket like never before.

Its obvious we depend on the north to provide us with most agric produce and the ones we produce in the south, cannot cover 1/4 of the market.

To the main reason why Tomato is expensive from End of May till July, the gluts that comes in august.

1) Why tomato is always expensive from the period may-July

As i stated earlier in my post, the north controls our stomach so from experience, and constant visit to the north especially areas

where tomatoes are farmed. I noticed when the rain is been expected almost everyone stops thinking about farming vegetables/tomatoes in

the north, they tend to focus more on cereals(maize, millet etc) which is less stressful, not knowing it will have a negative effect

on the market. Their belief is when its rainy season its time to plant maize which is also lucrative.

Tu ta-absoluta might also add as a catalyst to this but not withstanding even in the south we tend to farm other produce apart from veges during rainy season

(2) Glut in The Market By August

Well from my personal study when farmers, both professionals and newbies get to know price of tomatoes has gone up. They all sharpen
their hoes and cutlasses, then decide to load the market with tomatoes which by the time of harvest probably 90days everyone is harvesting. When supply exceeds demands well all know the price will fall there is no magic to it. We all know how perishable tomato is with little shelve like everyone just wants to get it off their hands and so therefore they sell at funny prices baskets of tomatoes that costs 25,000 naira in June will go for 3,000 naira or less. So there is no magic to the whole tomato issue if you plant now cause the price is high by the time of harvest it will be otherwise.

In few weeks the price will go higher and we keep blaming the government for our plight, we can solve our problems ourselves
i believe we still have months ahead till the scarcity next year so as for this year BRAZE YOURSELVES.

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