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Shame As Nigeria Nollywood Can't Raise #10Million To Save Dying Actor"Leo Mezie"

In recent times, some great talents in the industry have been lost due to several illness which could have been averted if the needed help came on time. If not many of the past celebs can be recalled then one cannot forget let Muna, who died due to kidney failure.

To many, late Muna, was secretive and did not want people to know about his state of health but to the few who were in the know, what did they do to save his life, nothing. During his wake keep at the National Stadium, the late actor’s best friend, Ejiro Okurame, was full of tears while revealing that some Nollywood practitioners who knew about Muna’s health were presence at his wake keep but refused to help him while he was alive, yet shading crocodile tears. But this should be story for another day.

The news of Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie, being down with Kidney failure has been in the news for a while and months after months, the actor is riddling in pains without some of his industry colleagues rallying around to salvage the situation. The actor is in need of N10 million to undergo a kidney transplant and the only amount a group of film makers were able to raise is just N883 thousand out of the needed amount. The actor who is currently in the hospital receiving temporary treatment undergoes constant dialysis just to keep him alive to see where the help will come from.Like fellow actor, Ifeoma Okeke, asked while sharing a video of him in the hospital, “what shall it profit Nollywood practitioners to attend his funeral than save a dying brother?” There are some politicians who loot the country’s treasury and relax to enjoy the money in their various homes while watching the movies this same actor acts and they smile as they get entertained but now is the need to save the same person that puts smiles on their face they are nowhere to be found. Is there love in Nollywood?
One cannot attack government alone but also the light should also be beamed on his colleagues who go about driving flashy cars and forming fake accent rather than stand by their own that is down with illness. Some Nollywood actors will even go as far as buying the latest hairs, expensive bleaching cream in the name of toning, drinking expensive drinks, getting pink lips to cajole ladies but in helping a dying colleague who is well known is a problem not even using the hash tag to create awareness. Well,if the same celebs can’t respect the journalist, is it their colleague they will respect.
The sickness of kidney failure can only be understood by doctors who will give possible cause but as human, one cannot easily tell what gives birth to the sickness which is most rampant in the entertainment industry. Nigerian actors and guilds needs to step up and support each other on the health course. Where is the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN)

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