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MY Relevance In Government Not As A Result Of Politics But My Handwork - Comrade DARE ELUYEMI

Comrade Dare Eluyemi 
Over 10years ago(Definitely before Governor Aregbe came onboard), God used me to establish an NGO(Non Governmental Organization) YSG CREW NIGERIA whose objective is to reach out to Nigerian Youths and Teens both home and abroad with the aim of supporting them in bringing out the genius in them and also in maximising their various potentials and talents in order to achieve the NIGERIA that we all dream of. 

This NGO gained government recognition specifically at about its 5th year of existence through one of its programmes. This brought me into government circle. And we are still very focused till now. 

So far, the NGO has been able to touch over 30,000 lives directly and indirectly with practical evidences. We have raised people who are now graduates of various Institutions both nationally and internationally, entrepreneurs and career driven individuals. We have also encouraged many youths to join active politics and  governance. 

My priority as an individual is to raise individuals who need encouragement in maximising their potentials be it in any field. 


My relationship with Government and Ogbeni(My Governor) didn't just  emanate but it evolved through intellectual engagements. I have chosen to have him as a MENTOR based on these engagements and also his political vibrancy. I have received many calls from friends and his critics not to support him that he would be going back to Lagos after his tenure. And some said I'm after him probably because of monetary gains. LET ME STATE HERE TODAY, I HAVE NEVER REQUESTED FOR PERSONAL MONETARY SUPPORT FROM ANY POLITICIAN. My support for Governor Rauf Aregbesola is not monetary thus, unquenchable. He is an exemplary leader and all leaders do have their weaknesses tho." Good Leaders take their people to where the WANT to be while Great Leaders take their people to where they OUGHT to be". Fill in the gap as to where he belongs.

Well, when the time comes, I may decide to go with him that's if he has anywhere to go 'sha' and if my business permits. And I hope when we also grow to leave this state for a better and greater assignment that we all pray for, you won't say we are 'AJELEs' too when we are back. But Let me state here, I have lived(still living tho) here in Osun, Schooled here at ALL levels of education, have my company's head office here. So, I shall encourage anyone who wants to go out of the state to advance and better his/her life with the aim of coming back to Osun to invest and touch more lives through ANY means. 


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