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See The Advice Christiana Ronaldo Gives Rival Neymar On His Future(Photo)

The latest huge transfer saga, Neymar to PSG, has all but made us forget that it's not that long ago that the big story was Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Spain, potentially for France. Now the Real Madrid forward has given his rival advice.

At the beginning of the summer the big news was that Ronaldo was so pissed off with being under investigation for alleged tax evasion that he was ready to leave Spain. Real Madrid were obviously not over the moon at the idea.

That all seems to have died down as the Confederations Cup got in the way of any talks and now the big news is that Neymar wants to leave Barcelona and Spain in order to head to France in an attempt to become the world's best player.

Neymar supposedly wants to walk out of Neymar's shadow.

Of course Ronaldo would have something to say about that idea but he's also had something to say about the transfer in general. According to Diario Gol the Ballon d'Or holder has given the Barca forward some advice.

The report says that the former Manchester United winger whatsapped the Barca man to tell him to either stay at the Camp Nou or, if he's really desperate for a move, to wait until Manchester United come for him.

When even Ronaldo is telling you to stay put it's really serious.

News that Real's best player is telling one of Barca's most important players to stay put at the Camp Nou might not got down too well with Madridistas who will no doubt be over the moon at the idea of Neymar leaving.

They'd be even more annoyed if the reason that he's telling Neymar to stay put if it's in order to help him move to PSG, although that would be an extremely cynical way to look at it.

Does Ronaldo still want to leave the Bernabeu?

On the other hand perhaps Ronaldo, like many of us, genuinely believes that if the 25 year-old does want to become the world's best player then staying put at the Camp Nou is his best chance.

The 32 year old obviously thinks that Ligue 1 would be a backward step and only a move to his former club would help push him into a superstar on his level.

Will Neymar or Ronaldo leave Spain?

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