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PDP National Chairman: ALH. S. A OYEDOKUN Better By Far - Abdulrahman Z. Olawale

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP, will in few months elect new part national excutives, that will steer party's affairs.

In its zoning formula, the post of the National Chairman has been zoned to South West. On this note, many PDP gladiators in South West have indicated interest for the post. Among them are Former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Deniel OGD, Chief Bode George and Former Ministers of Education, Prof Tunde Adeniran. But, are they the best for the post?


After eight years as Governor of Ogun state, since around 2011 Otunba Gbenga Daniel's role and popularity in PDP has been dwindling. He was rumoured to have decamped to another party at a time. Thus, he couldn't win the party Senatorial tickets in the state. As the South West Chairman Campaign Committee in the last general election, He also failed to deliver South West states. Ogun PDP is divided,  and OGD is alleged to be one of those causing the division. OGD has lost his followers to Senator Buruju Kashamu, his no longer popular in Ogun politics.In South West politics of today, OGD cannot influence the voters, not to talk of influencing the party stalwart. Charity they said begins at home, he is unable to lead at home, leading the party at national level will be a difficult task to the former governor.


The former Deputy National Chairman of PDP,  is experienced. But George's known high handedness contributed to the poor performance of PDP in Nigeria and in last Local Government election in Lagos state. There are many allegations against him.Many political analysts  noted that for obvious reasons, Chief Gorge can not win an election even in his ward, local government and the state. Chief Olabode Gorge as PDP National Chairman will be a disaster come 2019.


It is a well known fact that, the Former Minister of Education his an intelligent scholar, but not a  mobilizer. He is only well known in Abuja, Infact some nicked name him 'Abuja politician'. At home (in Ekiti) the former minister does not have a say, talkless of knowing the way in South West politics and Nigeria at large.For a formidable opposition, PDP need a popular politician that is well known by many followers, an influences and someone that is highly respected by party bigwigs in South West and Nigeria at large.


Party elders should call on him to come up at this critical  stage.He is the only  elder possessing the  ability  to galvanise the experience s of the elders  with the viable  energy of the youths.His name is a household name in Osun State, South West PDP and PDP national. Alh. Shuaib was a one time Deputy National Chairman of PDP. He is highly educated, respected by many and his versatility in state, regional and National politics will be of great asset to PDP. His a well known grassroots politician, highly respected by the rich and loved by the poor. A loyal and committed party member that has worked forthe party in rain and sun. Speaks only when necessary,  politically experienced to provide formidable opposition and constructive criticism to the ruling party APC.

The Peoples Democratic Party is in need of total reconciliation and harmornization which he is well known  for At National level where he has served in many reconciliation committees with positive and satisfactory outcome. During the peak of Markarfi/Sheriff power tussle, when the party was highly polralised., He ,with the support of others reconciled the aggrieved and harmonised all interest which gave the party a resounding victory in the Osun West bye election.

For a successful outing in Ekiti 2018, Osun 2018 and 2019 general election, Osun state party stalwart, South West party bigwigs and concern party members should support this silent but popular view  and promote Alh. Shuaib Afolabi Oyedokun. He is not only better, but  better by far.

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