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The Contemporary Issue Of Buhari & The Part Of Nigeria Eagle Eye In Diaspora Group, Led By ABIYE ADEMUYEGUN.

Its never an illusional act, putting up a pen against the ranging issue relating the Nigeria, a resourceful country president, President Muhammadu Buhari.

It become so unintelligent  when social media turns an avenue for unscrupulous articles attacking the personality of the sitting president and the integrity of our dear country, Nigeria. The questions remain the same. Was his stay unreasonable, is the country constitution against this, should he be really impeached, what those his coming back brings?

If any sanctioned should be place on the sitting president, it should be after rigid clarification on these questions.
Before going vividly on these questions, its imperative to point out a group of intellectuals in diaspora, NIGERIAN EAGLE EYE IN THE DIASPORA led by Bar. Abiye Ademuyegun, who had deemed it fit to take the positive propagation of Nigeria as a nation, their utmost responsibility, I say, this is the spirit of NATIONALISM.

Starting with, was his stay ever rational? This becomes a question for intellectuals. According to the scientific historians, they ascertained that before a being could lead his household effectively in reference to scientific research interpretations, he must be psychologically sound and dependent. They stressed further that only human health could be guaranteed  if their is proper psychological care because human is subjected under nature changes. If this factual interpretation could be stated by scientist, then what could have stand against the proper care of the president health. I begin to speculate if those ranting are truly with the motive of the betterment of Nigeria or the fear of intellectual administrative policy of the president.
This drives me back to the campaign period, many negative accusations was leveled against this man, with the aim of eliminating his chance of winning, but masses voice took it stand.

To the issue of constitution, it is clearly stated in the constitution that for any sitting Nigeria president who spent such time outside the country is tantamount to impeachment. But with the fact that his stays was due to uncontrollable factor, and as good Nigerians who want positive development from this government, should be of positive minded and criticism.

In reference to the Nigerians in Diaspora coat of arm, its obviously non contemplated that much desire and watch is been given to Nigeria by this led group. Let's hope for the best of this government as the amiable president, president Muhammodu Buhari arrived in Nigeria.

Let's await this positivist group of Nigerians Eagle Eye in Diaspora led by Barr. Abiye Ademuyegun latest ending of August, 2017 for positive support to the government.

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