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Osun 2018: We Say No To Zoning - Barrister Okunade

Democracy is all about popular participation. A situation where a section is asked to go and sit down while another section ALONE is considered entitled to the throne at any point in time, is at variance with the very essence of democracy.

A situation where the people's freedom of choice is curtailed and restricted to a particular section is everything but democratic.

Pray, Alhaji Fatai Akinbade, Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke, Senator Akinlabi Olasunkanmi, Elder Peter Babalola etc, are all from the West Senatorial District of Osun, but they never considered that 'it was not yet the turn of their Senatorial zone' all the times in the past when they have always aspired to become governor of the state.

Senator Iyiola Omisore is from the East Senatorial District, but he has always aspired to become governor of the state. Is it ALWAYS the turn of the East?

Zoning argument is a defeatist and divisive mechanism designed and explored at will by the traditional politicians to suppress competent and serious administrators from coming near the contest. It is a culture of laziness.

If you are sure of your strength, why would you want others to be held down, for you to have monopoly of participation, in a democracy???

Which of the past governors of the state (including the incumbent) has ever been elected on the strength of where he came from? None!

Politicians cry 'zoning' only when it pays them to so insist. But, has it ever been enforced in Osun? The answer is 'no'. Were it to be that zoning truly mattered in the permutations of the politicians themselves, all the past gubernatorial contestants fielded by all the political parties in the state ought have come from the same senatorial zone at every point in time. For instance, the candidates of SDP and NRC in 1990/1991 should have been from the same zone.

In1999, AD, APP and PDP should have fielded their candidates from the same zone.

All the parties that participated in the gubernatorial contests of 2003, 2007, 2014 and 2011 should have picked their flag bearers from the same zone. But they did not because, zoning is not in their dictionaries too.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, this is not the time to restrict and suppress the fortune of the state. Osun is in dire need of a truly competent and serious-minded administrator whose sleeves are already rolled to help the state out of its current economic pit. The state cannot afford to have just anyone on the seat on a platter of the very retrogressive quota system called zoning.

Abdulrahman Okunade Oslad, is Osogbo-based Legal Practitioner

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