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Osun Local Government Election belated - Rights Activist

A human rights activist and the Secretary General of Committee for Democracy and Rights of the People (CDRP), Comrade Waheed Saka, has described the local government election in the state of Osun, fixed for January, nexy year, has been belated.

Notwithstanding, Saka noted that the forthcoming council poll is better late than never.

In an exclusive chat with our reporter, the rights activist insisted that successive governments had relegated the local government administration to sub-zero governance where handpicked caretaker committee has been holding sway.

Waheed Saka further disclosed that he is in support of parliamentary democracy that the government of the state of Osun wants to practise at its local areas as passed into law by the state House of Assembly because it is cost effective to a government trying hard to meet some of its obligation.

His words, " the date for the local government is already infelicitious, inexpedient and belated. But let me be factual with you, it is better late than never, our people deserve to elect who govern them at that level of government"

However, he frowned at the antagonist of local government autonomy based on the theory that Local government is not considered as a tier of government in federalism anywhere as "jeunjeune"and trivial saying that "Nigeria can teach the rest of the  world , by giving autonomy to the closest government structure to the people.'

"If we are the only state about to implement parliamentary democracy under a presidential federal government in the country, I think we can take it further by giving political and economic autonomy to the local government even if we don't recognize it as another tier of government," Saka submitted

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