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Abiona Wahab Abiodun Writes Passionately About His Family, Growing Up (Read)

My life mainly for service. I am grateful to my creator for his mercies, blessings and grace

By: Abiona Wahab Abiodun (AWA)

Today is another beautiful and special day in my life. The day I was born to the family of Mr and Mrs Sanusi Olasunkanmi ABIONA, Ikirun, Ifelodun Local Government, State of Osun four decades ago. When one looks back and reflects about the past, it makes me thinks and be thankful to my creator.

It was like a joke when we started growing, life was neither too sweet nor too rough till today. This is because when I ponder about the past, thinks about our mates that have fell during the struggle of life, ruminate about battles I have won in life, those ones I lost and those that am still battling with, I have many reasons to thank God for the gift of Life and what he has done for me and my family.

Mainly, since beginning of my life, it has been always service to humanity. Tough, it use to be fun when I do things to serve my people. Though, very tough to serve but it has been very eventful till today because at any point in time, I use to be part of the functional system and my voice is neither too loud nor always too low but you must hear my voice on many burning issues worthy of my contributions.

I choose to be part of the productive, participatory, active and successful stakeholders all through even when I was young that was even difficult to know the impact of good deeds. This as usual use to bring more challenges.

Interestingly, when challenges come, there must be solutions, I don't run away whenever there are issues. I appreciate God for given me this spirit that does not relent when challenges arise. This single spirit has won many battles for me - it is always a pleasure.

At this point, I must appreciate my parents, Mr Sanusi Olasunkanmi Abiona (of blessed memory), he was a disciplinarian. May Allah forgive him and make his soul to rest in Aljanna Frodaoz. He tried for me, I must appreciate him in a special way. Likewise my Mother Mrs M. O. Abiona, you are still alive, and I am always asking Allah to give me more strength to take care of you more than I wish. I appreciate all my siblings, you are all wonderful. My wife and my children, you are all wonderful.

Today is a special day and we are all alive to celebrate God's favour on us. May God continues strengthen us for good as we grow in the struggle of life. Thank you for been there at all time.
Our Big Uncles, those of  you that live in Lagos, Ikirun, and across the globe; Dady Olori Ebi, Abdulganiy Abiona, Alhaji Abdulrazaq Abiona, Alhaja Sidikat Oladapo, Alhaj Ismail Abiona and Alhaji Mu'd Isa Abimbola Abiona,(Class Captain) Uncle Musa Abiona among others, you have all contributed to my life positively, Allah will reward you abundantly for there is limit to what human being can pay back.

I really thank all of you that have contributed positively towards my success, may God in his infinite mercies pay you back in many folds. May this day marks a new and best era in my home. Oh Allah, lift me up beyond human comprehension, strengthen me the more, perfect my ways, create ways for me where many people think the end has come. Oh my creator, bless me in abundant, compel your being to favour me with good things that reside with them, so as to fulfill my destiny. So shall it be for all my well wishers. Amin.

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