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Female Facebook Slay Queen Narrates How She Rejected An Offer But Ended Up Buying It

A female Facebook user, Regina Martins has revealed how she rejected an offer of a newly released Gospel CD but ended up buying it.

For Martins, a slay queen, her rejection of the offer by two men who were marketing the CD at a motor park was a sign of discouragement to them.

She confessed that she wasn't happy with her utterance and refusal to accept the CD from the duo men.

She said, she later bought the CD from a vendor after being told that thesame men that had approached her bought the gospel CDs to the store.

Marins wrote on her Facebook wall on Sunday and apologised to the two marketers for how she reacted to their offer.

She said, " two guys came to distribute this CD for free, “Please have a copy, you will like it, and it’s a gospel hip hop.” I refused the CD because nobody in my bus collected the CD, I felt sad afterward because of the sentence I uttered, I said “I will prefer to buy the CD when it’s available for sale, what if I don’t listen to it, I asked?

"The young man look so pale and heartbroken, I can feel it deep down in my mind but I don’t care as I get busy with my novel as the journey commenced!

"Three days after when I was coming back, we had a stopover at a particular car park in Ore, and virtually all the sound studio were playing new set of songs and I was like lemme make enquiry, lo and behold, the songs were from the CD I refused #StreetlyGospel.

"I felt so sad, I asked the vendor if it was brought down here by 2 guys and he said yes, I bought a copy for #150 even though it has promotional copy written on it."

"Eventually, I have been on a low key not because I refused the CD but because I responded out of my unconsciousness which I believe it hurt the young men and undermine their efforts, I keep asking myself why do I utter those words, I could just have kept mute!?.

"If #Japp could ever see this post, I’m sincerely sorry for my response, I like those songs as you’ve rightly predicted, I bought a copy as I rightly predicted also, greater height you go In Jesus Name. Amen. Cheers. Kindly Like and Share till JappRecords/#JappOfficial sees this."

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