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Youths, Involve Yourselves In Politics By M.D Zhiya

There exists a tooth and nail paradox amidst  our youths: Bad government,  looters in governance but I don't want to join politics because it is a dirty game.

    If you don't want to join politics because you are a saint, please don't complain the resonance you get from those who are at the helm. Get involved!

    We were at some point told we are the leaders of tomorrow, now we are in our 20's and 30's yet we aren't leaders!  Who deceived us?. Get involved!

It has never happened anywhere in the world and it will never happen in NIGERIA:  When the leaders who are at the later life will just come out and hand over power to the younger generation because they  are youths. Get involved.

The major reason if I must be Frank to we the youths why our leaders still remain in power even at their 90's is because a larger number of us that constitute 80% of the populace have not realized that " the only and surest way to effect the desired change in your environment  is by GETTING INVOLVED  actively in politics " at such we still constitute a plethora of nuisance and irresponsibility to the same society we were meant to be leaders!.

So many atimes, I engage some of the  youths in politics talks,  I realize too obvious that they are just too clueless as regards their country and it's governance. So many have said; Zhiya,  how do you expect me to join politics when my parents are not among the political elites?.

Where are the platforms for me to join politics and all of such low esteemed orchestrated/triggered questions whose answers are bold and readable to the blind.

There is no political party in Nigeria,that exceeds #500,000 naira for its councillorship tickets, not facts but am 85% sure. If that is true,  why not strive harder?.

There are over 50 registered political parties in Nigeria at the moment,  why not join one and participate actively perhaps  align yourself with some of these leaders who are purebred?, better still form a merger amongst the youths, am also too sure  that not all the politicians are stained as its  being purported,  not 100% of our politicians are stained to the core!

The arch enemy of our youths is purely IRRESPONSIBILITY!

Another monster eating the inner paPilrt of our youths and has/is amputating their/our leadership Dexterity is the simple fact that " YOUTHS OF MY DAYS DON'T READ" recall also that "Readers and Leaders ", many have abused the use of social media to now project their ill ways rather than using these medias to read broader and easier perhaps to the frontiers of polity!

Go to newspaper vendors today, the least age you will see is 50 rest of which are elders of early  60's.

We have had this avalanche of reading truncated news on social media if at all they do!

 In my opinion,  it's extremely important to get involved into politics with a "SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY rather than SENSE OF BELONGING".

 Be sure that as you try to get involved,  you will be betrayed most a times by your closet associates,  you will be vilified,  you will definitely be frustrated,  you must fail at one time or the other, lots of scheming will fall on you.But be ye strong and of good faith for I know that "there will be light at the end of the tunnel "

It's a greater call for an immediate attention to our EDUCATION system because incompetence is chewing hard and it must be addressed quickly, else,  rapidly we are  galloping towards eternity in doom.

Education to me is a hub!,  if we fail in our Education system,  be sure we have failed in all strata!

Above all,  that God conscienceness the living with the believe that there is A government above all government will help you as a youth. GET INVOLVED.

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