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2019: A Rubicon For Developmental Reasoning By Stanley Ekpa

Like  Marc Antony, I have come to grittily heed the calling to proclaim the gospel according to Good   Sense,   that   we   may   rebuild Nigeria,  not   by   reincarnating   the   lamentations   of   Prophet Jeremiah of how the edifice called Nigeria has fallen but to stimulate a consciousness that puts our collective choices, reasoning and actions on trial as we approach Nigeria's defining year of 2019.

To every patriotic mind, 2019 represents a great potential to give hope that revitalizes the inclusive Nigerian project - a year to end the unabating sponsored crises against our collective progress; atime for positive sentiments to triumph over "policapitalism", ethno-religious and other negativesentiments  that   have   characterized   and   veiled   our   political   culture   for   decades.  

Given   our developmental deficiency, it will be a historic sucide to allow our politicians to freely entertain usin 2019 with their blank-blind electoral promises that lack content and execution merits.

As thegame of thrones ahead of the 2019 general elections dramatically unfolds, a concerned citizen iscompelled to remind "we the people" of our immutable duty to elect only credible leaders that canguarantee the kind of inclusive development and progress we all aspire for.

 Woe betide us if we continue to sit on the revered bench of complaints and lamentations andexpect miraceous shift in our national affairs.

The solutions to our compounding challenges cannotbe offered on the table of free lunch; it will be achieved in the field of constructive and positiveparticipation   of   the   people,   for   deliberate   reordering   of   our   developmental   and   integrationtemplates. 2019 will be our litmus test for viable solutions, alternative options and a moment for adefinite definition of our inclusive development roadmap.

 We  must abide  by  the wisdom  of  accepting political candidates based  on their credentials  ofcompetence and capacity to deliver the dividends of development and innovative leadership forthe common good of the people.

We must scrutinize every line of their campaign manifestos,demanding of them how they intend to actualize each item on the slate, the proposed realistictimeframe for it's actualization,  it's sustainablity and impact on our development.

This is no timefor such vague mantra of "chnage", "transformation", "restructuring" and other facsimile politicalrhetoric. We must compel our prospective leaders to articulate broad visions for pulling Nigeriaout of the development quagmire that we have remained stagnanted for years. 

We must go beyond the ceremonial Presidential debate in Abuja - corporate bodies and credible citizens of influencemust support the All Times Media's plan to host a NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES PRESIDENTIALPOLICIES DEBATE in some Nigerian universities.

Whoever will be our President in 2019 must have crystal and defined socio-economic policy planthat is deep, enduring, achievable and in the best development interest of Nigeria. 

He or she mustunderstand the urgency in solving the economies of our underdevelopment and the development ofour economy ; 

with a political philosophy that can shape the Nigerian Dream; he must appreciate that we cannot grow without building our technology that we lack reliable data for sustainable development projections and planning 

; that we must rework our governance structure to allow State  Governments to harness and utilize their natural resources for local development;

; that a clean,  affordable and stable power supply is a sine qua non for Nigeria's economic growth 

;that we must reform our educational system to produce solution-providers as graduates; that our justice system must accord justice to all citizens equally in good time

; that our civil service must be re-branded for service and productivity; that we must properly fund and monitor our begging policeforce; 

that we must unite this house on the brink of breaking amongst other things that must apply change in order to modernize Nigeria. 

We do not need "omniscience" leaders - not a President that will promise all and do none but aleader with targeted areas of focus for impact: nothing stops a Nigerian President from focusing on just power sector alongside other delaying distractions that the Presidency affords.

 By so doing,we would celebrate a Presidency that solved our power and  energy problem. From our local  communities to federal constituencies,   the people must summon the courage and fortitude to enthrone meritocracy and shun every temptation  to mortgage the  future of our  children.

 Let's inject new and competent leaders with workable ideas, development innovations and uncommonpenchant for excellence in development-solution leadership.

 It will be a repeated historic mistaketo   accept  the   wrong   fate   that   in   a   country   of   an   inaccurate   population   of   over   170   million intelligent people, only two men have the capacity and integrity to provide quality leadership toour ailing country.

 Let  history remember us  for   once  that   we stood   up in   bold patriotism  against the  unhealthy practice of recycling unproductive and old leaders.

Let's be deliberate in ushering a humane and sustainable leadership across Nigeria that can sacrifice all in perpetuating a prosperous and safenation.

   It   is   about   our   health   care   system,     education,   clean   environment,   technological advancement, efficient public Service, functional institutions and quality leadership, not money, not ethnicity, not my religion nor is it ever about our political parties, we must get it right as anation this time around.

But the true measure of our responsibility as constructive citizens and positive participants startsafter the election - we must develop a new culture that questions the governance process of ourcommunities; we must thrive by holding our leaders accountable, responsible and transparent.

Exercising the right and power of assessing those we hired to procure the dividends of leadership mandate gives us the defining opportunity to bring about the possibility of change and progress. In all our dealings with our leaders, let's do so with altruistic measure and estimate for our commonand collective good.

We   must   start  this   journey   of   progress   with   the   end  success   in   mind.  

Constantly  remindingourselves that the anti-development officers of greed, nepotism and corruption are heavily armed along   our   progress   path   -  unperturbed,   we   must   fortify   ourselves   with   the   breast plate   of consistency, excellence in innovation, resilience in promoting social Justice, and penchant for meritocracy.

We will get to our destination only through the vehicle that is refilled with steady and continual work in progress.

When we cross the rubicon, we would have built a nation that provides  world class tourism, globally envied institutions, quality educational system that attracts foreign students and scholars, technologies that contribute towards better humanity, social security that makes life easier and comfortable, and creates equal opportunities for all.

At such moment, we would shun common sense and pick up a new pride and dignity in GOOD SENSE.

My ink is dry and the margins of my papers are filled, I am left with the only option to plead anend of this gospel according to Good Sense.

Ekpa,  Stanley Ekpa, Snr,Principal Development Partner, Nigeria Solution Group, writes from Nigerian Law School,  Abuja

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