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When The Oppressed Are Confused By: Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo

Dear readers; I have always said that "how a society looks like will surely portray the kind of youths in such society or have you ever seen a farmer who cultivates maize and end up harvesting yam?" The sad story of this nation; the repetition of woeful performance of governance has reduced the dignity of this nation and the pathetic state of this dying nation is a true reflection of the Nigeria youths. So unfortunate.

As unfortunate as this country is; there are some young, responsible and diligent citizens who did not allow the culture of woeful performance and tradition of unfavorable inheritance of despotic leaders to ruin their future; they were able to scale through the theory of hardship and strive to make for themselves space in the historical book of successful youths. Apart from the disadvantaged, helpless and neglected youths who have no access to informations; what should we discuss or say about the informed ones who live their lifes on irrelevancies and frivolities?

It is shocking, embarrassing but I'm not always surprised. Yes; as a person I'm shocked whenever I see youths especially (comrades) fighting themselves and spending the major part of their lives on frivolities, irrelevancies and lesser priorities. How shall we fight for the disadvantaged, helpless and neglected ones who have no access to informations and the informed ones be useful and productive? These should be our top priorities as social actors of change and partners of today rather than unnecessary fights and conscientious celebration of sheer ignorance.

It is so unfortunate that oppressors have won this battle through stipends and cheap recognition. They have turned us against one another and we end up fighting ourselves instead of fighting our oppressors. We leave those who made life unbearable for us to live and face ourselves; the direct victims. We leave those who enslaved free education they enjoyed and move education away from the affordable state. We leave those who siphoned funds meant for free health services and face ourselves; the direct victims of poor health system. We leave those who control the power of the media, rejoice in poverty and display our foolishness on social media platforms through untreated ego and insults.

As we are battling with the yet to be reinstated union officers of Obafemi Awolowo University; the management of Iree Polytechnic recently suspended 14 students for involving themselves in peaceful protest over unusual and hike in school fees. As we are mourning the death of a comrade who lost his life during NANS ZONE B convention; there was a cult attack in Obafemi Awolowo University and a life was lost as well.

All state institutions in Oyo state are presently on strike due to non payment of salary arrears except LAUTECH and the same school that went on strike for 18months will soon join the league of others if things does not change. There was a general increment in tuition fees throughout Osun state few weeks ago; all steps taken seem unproductive and charges still remain increased. Student leaders are victimized everywhere; there are slavery of rights, denial of responsibilities and suffering of students in our schools. These are unresolved issues that need our attention but we have diverted our attention towards lesser priorities or irrelevances.

When the oppressed are truly confused; the oppressors sit together with the oppressed and watch how oppression define itself. Congratulations in advance as student's structure in Southwest is about to divide through party line. It is so unfortunate!

Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo is a writer, content developer and freelancer.

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