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Iwoland Development Coalition Reviews 2017 Activities, unveils Plans For 2018

Iwoland Development Coalition (IDC) has reviewed its activities for last year and scored itself high.

The group, in a statement released by its Coordinator on behalf of the leadership team,  Adisa Kabiru Eniyi Kulukulu, also known as Community Servant, revealed its plans for 2018 calling on diversification of focus and missions.

It reads, "On 29 August 2014, we, determined youths across the 3 LGAs that make up Iwoland Federal Constituency of Osun State, came together to form an alliance for a more prosperous and developed society and christened the alliance _Iwoland Development Coalition_. By and large, we have become the most successful association within this space in the last 3¼years. Our success can easily be attributed to the generous nature and relentless effort of donors and volunteers principally made up of individuals indigenous to our community. We have entirely survived on donation.

Even though we have had a few dry patches, we have always made progress. Towards the end of last year, 4 appeals for donation got god-speed responses. Some donors particularly showed a highly impressive level of commitment. To some of us, this was the needed conviction to proof that the challenge with our society is never the unwillingness to serve or contribute. In actual fact, Iwoland possess some of the oldest surviving community development associations in Nigeria. We say a big *THANK YOU* to all those who have contributed to the IDC purse.

It is however important to mention that it is a huge burden to make incessant calls for donations from donors as it is a huge burden to donate incessantly to the same purse. In this regard, we will suggest that calls for donations should be made at the end of every quarter/half a year after demands would have been aggregated within the quarter/half a year/etc., subject to the approval of the coalition.

The level of trust the members of this coalition have in the leadership is second to none. Although there may be one or two disagreements from one or two quarters, IDC has a reputation for prudence and this we intend to improve upon this New Year. This is particularly necessary if we are to diversify more on our sources of funding. We want members to come up with possible alternatives for income generation and the processes for activating such alternatives.

In 2018, IDC intends to focus more on youth engagement. Cultism has now been reported to have crept into our primary schools. Learning outcomes have not improved. More youths are out-of-job. Access to internet has not been positively exploited towards economic productivity. Youths are yet to participate actively in the leadership of Iwoland and there seem to be no structure in place to effect such. New millionaires have not been recorded among the youths, recently. We have a responsibility to turn these around in 2018.

In 2017, unlike the previous 3 years, no new capital intensive infrastructural project was embarked upon. We hope that we will be able to start new projects in Ayedire and Olaoluwa local government areas this year. We also hope to recruit new active members this year especially from the above LGAs. Hopefully, we will be able to double our membership base this year.

Lastly, from our due diligence result, we are satisfied with the progress recorded last year and we believe that, in unity, we will get better appraisals this year. All members are sincerely appreciated for their contribution towards sustaining an undivided union last year. We wish and pray that we all, individually and collectively, will break new grounds this year, economically, academically, professionally, and all-round. We thank you for your contribution and we pray and hope that IDC will become a formidable force in the state championing the advancement of this constituency on all fronts through your active contribution in the near future.

We use this moment to say Thank You!

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