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Osun 2018: Osun West, Iwoland Deserve Fair Sharing And Justice By Musbau Semiu Ademola

Sequence  to the tradition in Nigeria Politics and the Zoning Formula of Osun state on Governorship election, it is obviously clear that come 2018, it’s the turn of Osun West and it’s no longer news that the people of Iwoland are clamouring and have spoken their mind on the need to produce the next governor in Osun state.

I have always been an advocate of 'best man for the job', irrespective of where he/she is coming from. Obviously, the best man has been made to be the one God ordains and the principle has led us to a similitude of tyranny of a ruling group, which determines the best for the job. And far from that too, best men abound everywhere.

A brief history of political events in the Old Oyo and present Osun State Nigeria. In the Era western Region, Late Ọba Aderemi Adesoji was the then premier of the region from Ife, Osun East Senatorial District, Late sage Bola Ige was the then Oyo State Government Governor from Ìjẹ̀sà Axis  of Osun East Senatorial district.

The then deputies were Pa SF Afolabi and Chief Bisi Akande both from Ire and Ila Orangun Osun central Senatorial Districts. Late Senator Isaq Adetunji Adeleke who was the then elected Governor of Osun state had his tenure truncated less than two years in office; his deputy was from Ìjẹ̀sà land. Later, Chief Bisi Akande was elected Governor of Osun state with his deputy from Ife Axis of Osun east senatorial district (Chief Christopher Iyiola Omisore and Sooko Adewonyin). Prince Olagunsòye Oyinlola from the central had his as Erelu Olusola Obada from East to the incumbent Governor of Our dear state, Eng. Abdul Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola from the East, having his deputy from Osogbo but wife of Ìjẹ̀sà. The question now is What is the offences of the western part of Osun state?

Iwoland has had more than its unfair share of marginalisation in Osun state. A region with about 500,000 out of 3,423,535 people of Osun State. According to 2006 census, and with the future projection in line with some developmental contributions of all indigenes, its projected Iwoland multiply its previous population by 2.5, a zone with the most populous local government in the state, third largest economy in the state. With the largest land mass in the western part of the state can not be said to be minority. Iwoland comprising of more than 700 villages, 35 wards, 30 major towns, 3 state assemblies, 3 Local governments and a Federal constituency.

Endowed with solid mineral resources like Gold, Beryl, Laterite, Kaolin, Silica and Granite. Agricultural produce supported by the land among others are Yam, cocoa, Cocoa yam, maize, cowpea, beans, palm trees, cotton, cassava etc. In terms of Human resources, Iwoland is blessed with professionals from different field and all works of life. Iwoland having the highest number of PhD holders in Osun and second to Ijesa land on professorship. In political history of both Old Oyo state and later Osun state,  Iwo zone remain one to reckon with,  A onetime 5th largest city in Nigeria (1931 census) after Ibadan, Lagos City, Kano city, Ogbomoso, in the old Oyo State, Iwo was third behind Ibadan and Ogbomoso.

Presently in Osun state, Iwo is the headquarter of Osun west, third most viable economy and major contributor to the state IGR with the most populous Local government in the state (Iwo central Local Government, 2006 census. While the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria divides each state into three senatorial district, Osun state has been traditionally divided into 9 zones.

The perceived marginalization is first demonstrated in the sharing of both state owned and Federal institutions in the state. Osun state is known for its high investment in education. It has the second highest number of state-owned higher institutions compared to other states in South West of the country. The  so called  OSADEP complex in Iwo is nothing than a show of lion on the paper. The existing Television station is in moribund. The following are the state owned institutions in Osun state without any located in IwoLand.

The following are the Institution in Osun State:

1. Osun State College of Education, Iléṣà 2. Osun State College of Technology Esa Oke is 3. Osun State College of Education, Ila Orangun  4. School of health technology, Iléṣà 5. School of Nursing Osogbo 6. Osun State University Osogbo is 7. Osun State University campus Ikire 8. Osun State University campus Òkùkù 9. Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. None of the federal institutions nor other establishment located in Iwoland.

There is no doubt that producing the next governor will bring government closer to the people of Iwoland as  we have seen in recent years in the other zones of the state.

On equity, fairness and justice which has been the basis for other agitations, in Osun West senatorial district IWOLAND is the only Zone yet to produce Senator twice. What we the people of IWOLAND is asking from our dear Ife/ Ijesa, Osogbo_Ila-Ikirun, Ede, Ejigbo and Gbongan-Ikire brothers is a support that will see gubernatorial flag bearers from the different parties from IWOLAND or a popular and unilateral support for parties that do same.

Like in Akwa Ibom, where it was believed at the last governorship election that it was the turn of the Annangs, people rallied around Godswill Akpabio who defeated a popular candidate Sam Ewang. It was this belief in equity and fairness that made politicians in the opposition party campaign for the PDP candidate in the election.

It is at this point that people need to be reminded that IWO ZONE has been patient and supportive of other zones for many years of our coexistence. The same way and manner the people of Ogun west are clamouring for the number, and one seat of the state.

During the then led military administration in the 90s when the question of where to locate the capital of the new state was tabled at the Agodi, Ibadan office of the military administrator, the IWOLAND delegates freely supported the wish of the majority to have the state capital at Osogbo despite her potential of having same located in Iwo.

The zone similarly voted massively for Alh. Bisi Akande and Oyinlola in support of the of the Central to have a fair sharing of power in the state.

The incumbent Governor Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola from Ife /Ijesa division also received an overwhelming support from of the Reality city during both the first and the second term elections. Similarly, Old Oyo State during the reign of Late Bola Ige as the then governor of Oyo state, same was melted on his government.

Recently, one of our prominent politician (name withheld) said and I quote " the Era of betraying the interest of Iwo at the benefit of self-interest has gone, let work hand in hand to achieve this common goal, as history and posterity they say does not forgive human deeds both positive and negative, my generation by the special grace of God wouldn't be a waste to Iwo and Iwoland of Osun state, united we stand divided..." He said.

I hereby call on all political stakeholders in all reigning political parties in the state to see themselves as one in fighting the interest of the land, also extend my call to all other nonsocial political groups, religious leaders to let come together in fighting the battle.

Though, Traditional Rulers (Obas and Baales) are fathers of all political parties yet their roles can't be neglected, their role is to ensure unity and scouting for a suitable candidate from Iwo zone in all political parties come Osun 2018.

In the words of the renowned Communist, a chartered Accountant, Mr Adisa Kabir Adeniyi Kulukulu“Iwo’s quest to occupy the exalted office of the state governor is not just political, it is moral. It is a matter of ethics that if there are four pillars and three have had the chance; the fourth chance goes to the fourth. It is a decisive time in the life of Osun State and all must rise to defend what is right and just.

Leaving you with my mission statement “GREATER IWOLAND IS THE MISSION, TOGETHER WE WILL By GOD'S GRACE.

Iwoland Our HERITAGE, My PRIDE!!!





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