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Ekiti Poll: Be Guided By Noblest Of Ideals In Electing APC Candidate, Bimbo Daramola Urges Delegates

One of the gubernatorial aspirants in the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State,  Congressman Bimbo Daramola has charged delegates for the party primary to be guided by the noblest of ideals in electing the flagbearer of the party for the governorship election in July.

In his message to the delegates and other party members on Saturday,  the former member of the House of Representatives advised the delegates against acceptance of money or other inducement to vote during the primaries saying the future is in their hands.

The message entitled: "OUR FUTURE IN OUR HANDS," revealed that some aspirants would want to induce them but they should refuse the temptation saying "throwing money at you to get you is a permanent strategy deployed by Stalin, it's a strategy of make them dependent and vulnerable they will permanently be in a position that they could be exploited."

According to the message,  "One Week from today, approximately 2600 delegates from our party the All Progressives Congress will file out on the 5th of May 2018 to elect the candidate that will fly the banner of our party at the July Ekiti STATE Gubernatorial election.

"This is not another juncture or page in the history of our party but  by extension in the history of the politics of the progressives in our  dear state and in the South West of Nigeria.

"With this election history will be made.

It already has began with an unprecedented number of aspirants, numbering 33 party members with different profiles, background and reputation.

But by far the history that will be made will be how deeply reflective and introspective have we been as delegates?

How well have we situated the reality of our situation as a party and party people in the context of the past four years? How much of lessons have learnt from mistakes of the past as a guide to the desired glorious future?

Are we going to overlook our facts and pursue fiction? Are we going to sacrifice enduring gains for momentary tokenism of the moment?

Over the past 18months,  when I got into this voyage, three and a half years after my years as a member House of Representatives, the years that witnessed unadulterated, unalloyed service to the people, and going on to lead a gubernatorial rerun election  in our dear state, I have seen how badly things have turned for our party people, particularly some of you our delegates.

I have met a woman leader who is living with partial stroke because she could not afford her medication.

A youth leader who dropped out of school at 300level, because he could not pay the fees or the woman leader who collected Lapo to fund her business and has not been able to keep up with repayment plan.

I interacted with chairmen who had varying challenges from inability to replace  blown up roofs  to not been able to afford school fees that would have kept their children in school.

No doubts the past three years have been trying moments and times for our party members. I honestly feel their pains particularly when one remembers their pains and toils of the past years.

Now this is the fact, we cannot do much about the pains of the past and the present but we sure can fix the future. It's in our hands.

The nature of man is to allow fleeting good moments to dim the capacity to reflect of the future. At such a time have come again.

We can make the future work if we let our past guide us.

For instance our delegates you are beautiful brides today but the tenure of the attention you are getting particularly those who see you as items for purchase will terminate by this time next week. And then you relapse into the same old lamentation and misery.

All of a sudden you are getting called to meetings, money that you did not get when you needed to pay for school fees are being thrown at you today, if that woman leader 's call had been picked and somebody out of the people throwing money at you had responded, she will not be living her life with partial  stroke today.

Throwing money at you to get you is a permanent strategy deployed by Stalin, it's a strategy of make them dependent and vulnerable they will permanently be in a position that they could be exploited.

So the choice is yours as a delegate or somebody who knows a delegate, this is the point in history where your capacity to reflect on the past will either free you from bondage or you get sucked in and imperil the future.

I am pushing this post out today, a week to the moment that you will be in a position to chart the course that your life will go because reality sets in from May 6!

My appeal therefore is not borne out of desperation but pure love, I am not in a position to enforce or tell you not to follow your mind as you may so find convinced to do but I have the obligation to myself and conscience to disgorge myself  of personal comfort of not talking when I can, obviously if the status quo remains I may not be the worse off but I have found my purpose in life and that's why I have chosen not to think of myself alone.

As for me, I most RESPECTFULLY put before you our shared history, my service records and reputation and see wether I am worthy of being entrusted with the huge responsibilities inherent in who flies the banner of our party at the next election.

Victory at primary election is one thing, the greater victory will be dependent on a  majority of people beyond our party members, we must be conscious and mindful, we will have to deal with the predilections of all as we strive to reposition ourselves and our state.

My dearest brothers, sisters and beloved party members , posterity will surely record everyone's role for the REWARD that's appropriate for the actions or inaction of today.

I sincerely pray that you will be guided by the noblest of ideals. God bless you all. See you next week, on May 6 2018," it ends.

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