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OSUN 2018: Get Ready To Challenge Your Canvasser, Makinde Charged The Electorates

Firstly it was tribe, later moved to religion then Age as deciding factor for electing political office holders. It should not be a surprise if sex is also considered as one of the factors of dividing Nigeria electoral process.

Governance ought to focus on improving social welfare, economic development, security of life instead of being centered by making personal and religious belief overshadow the norms.

Without mincing words, the inflation rate in Nigeria is becoming alarming day by day, the security apparatus is not set to place to protect life of common Nigerians, the public health care is precariously mismanaged, power generation is nothing to write home about, Chinese products has taken over our markets as our people rely on it as swift alternative while our manufacturing companies has entered bankruptcy, rate of unemployment is simultaneously increasing due to non functional government parastatals. Basically, what makes life worth living is no more working in Nigeria.

It is high time we question your political officer, executive officers, legislators for their score card and use it as reasons for reelection into power. Question the contender canvassing you what he has in place as blueprint for your community which will benefit you as an individual if he eventually get elected into the desired office. Let him or her stumble into the current situation of our country and give modalities of how he or she will effect the campaign promises because so many of the politicians just make promises without having their personal assignment done to actualize their goal. As a good citizen and oriented person let us do our part by questioning contenders to know their level of understanding about politics, while haven studying the grammatical blowing politicians carefully, most of them are pretenders and betrayal.

As a former members of house of representatives ile ife federal constituency, my primary duty has always been to move motion, make laws to benefit my constituency to make dividends of governance and democracy accessible to my good people.

Ife constituency is an agrarian constituency whereby majority are into consistent farming. I have donated over 170 fleets, over 500 motorcycles to medium scale farmers to aid their movements, over 200 tricycles to good people of Ife to make their transportation of farm produce easy.

 I empowered over 300 market women by giving a booster to their existing trade, distribute trading materials to start a profitable business to unemployed graduates in other to be self reliant. I contributed my quota immensely by donating blocks of classrooms to various schools with dilapidated structures, I have fixed several youths into federal government jobs to reduce rate of crime in the society because an adage says "an idle hand is a devil workshop" I have done a lot but just mentioned few while I was representing my constituency at the federal house of representatives. I urge you to challenge your politician and ask them of their records before blind following them. Election is here again, ensure you register to get your Permanent Voters Card PVC to be able to boast of voting your conscience and let the complain of bad governance becomes the thing of the past.

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