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Opinion: Nigeria, The Aftermath Of 1960By Taofeek Adeleke

The aftermath of Nigeria's independence was preceded by Era of colonial masters, succeeded by military rule which consequently metamorphosed to our so called democracy without democrats.

I had got business neither with the military administration nor the colonial masters but the administration of the tyrants under the shield of democracy which had done more harms than good which consequently didn't better the lot of the common man.

To every human in his right state of mind, whenever the issue of governance is raised its either it's preceded by politics or succeeded by it, it is very natural because in any democratic setting politics is a means to governance but it's so disheartening that our so called leaders are mere opportunists who had got nothing in stock for the masses and their campaign slogan and promises solely lies on the mal-administration of the sitting or past government when in the real sense of it, they practically have nothing to offer.

Nigerian leaders of today had turn politics and governance to business and family affairs which resulted to multiplying the misery of the masses. Theoretically, every human has the idea of governance but practically few can live up to its dictates and sacrifices. Idealism is fine but as it approaches reality the cost becomes prohibitive...... William F. Buckley. Jr.

The government of the day in no doubt failed the masses as it in many ways failed to live up to its campaign promises. What had not been happening, outright violation of human rights and dignity becomes a norm under the watch of our change crusaders.

What a change indeed!

These are thoughts of a man who neither saw nor enjoyed the free in “freedom of speech”, the thought of the man who has not witness the respect in right to dignity, the thought of a man who has not for once witness the prevalence of rule of law. These are the thoughts behind the anger, silence, pain, joy,smiles, sadness, betrayal and everything this journey from colonialism to the present day government called demo-crazy.

These are the thoughts of a man who can relate to most men.No different than any other man, my journey consists of bottled up emotions and raw feelings that I’ve kept caged.
felt expressing my feelings would only exhibit weakness. I always felt misunderstood.

 I felt as if communicating my feelings would only be misconstrued by my listeners.

 I hated expressing myself, explaining myself, repeating myself.

I hated communicating the deep parts of my anger and anxiety towards the legacy we are setting for the next generation and most importantly my personal safety.
To compensate, I imprisoned all emotions inside, to be kept raw and unseen. How naive of me!? I failed to see the destruction it placed in my path, the confusion it created between my loved ones, masses, government and our dear dictators in democrats disguise.

Suppressing my emotions and true feelings led me to live many years with pain having complete control over me. Anger ordered my steps, and pride turned me cold - unwilling and unable to express myself as violation of human rights, intimidation of the weak and oppression of the poor is the order of the day.

I spent most of my days as a troubled young man searching for happiness in all the wrong places.

My heart was clogged with so many false beliefs of what a man should be according to societal standards. I believed that there was no room for any good to reside in Nigeria but at the end of the tunnel, there is light.

If you are still astonished about the parables, then let's critical introspect the value of our educational system when our number one citizen's ordinary secondary school certificate remains controversial.

Of what value is our educational sector when our professors are no longer men and women of integrity.

Of what importance is our generation when we rejoice and celebrate looters and selfish individuals.

Why is it that, whenever we wants to know how valid our certificate is, venturing into politics remains the best and most potent alternative

Dear reader, if you are still part of those who rejoiced on first day of October to celebrate mediocrity then kindly follow this with imagination. A country so blessed in mineral resources and human resources like our own dear state, picture how developed it ought to have be, if we've got good leaders with able mind and ready hands.

Nigeria was unequivocally agreed to be fifty-eight years few days ago, what a shame on you and I, how disgraceful is it to our collective intelligence?.

At that age, won't you agree with me that Nigeria should still not be referred to as underdeveloped or developing state?

At fifty-eight, streetlights are visible decorations by day and invisible shadows at night. If you doubt this kindly walk through your areas if all street lights are working as it should.
Vast majority are mere decorations, a practical example is Shagam-Abeokuta express road, Ikire - Osogbo, to mention few, I leave the rest to your imagination.

At fifty-eight, politicians pay us to get him or her into office (vote buying, bribe) and only for us to pay him when he gets out of office.

At fifty-eight, we are yet to be free from policemen extortion on the highway with the regular slang "watin you carry".

At fifty-eight, any man whose integrity and credibility is at stake are elected to public offices, why?

At fifty-eight, we have larger number of indigent  emigrants and a minute, ignorable number of immigrants and foreign investors.

At fifty-eight, we are not entitled to our civic rights, the very minutes dictates the fate of majority, no due process, rule of law only exists in the imaginary world.

At fifty-eight, we can't boast of constant water supply.

At fifty-eight, we start praying power supply won't be interrupted when it's about to rain.

At fifty-eight, we still dogmatically adopt obnoxious  foreign policies which multiply the acrimony of the masses.

At fifty-eight, we can not maintain and embrace diversity of ideas and opinions, we saw declaration of people as terrorist the best alternative.

It's only in Nigeria, a press release will be signed by GCFR and when the masses starts reacting, then you will be doubting of he actually can't read or didn't have an idea of what he had signed.
Bribery, cheating, all forms of corruption and boycotting of due process had become a norm that those of us who can not afford the cost of doing so, wish we can.

Seriously, the future is still very bright, if we can embrace our diversity and turn it to strength. If we change our orientation and start celebrating excellence and morality at the expense of celebrating mediocrity.

It's not done anywhere else than Nigeria, where musicians and politician are rated far higher in status than academics. Almost everyone had seen Nigeria leadership and governance as a game of hierarchy, either by fair or foul means everyone is trying to rank higher.

That's why insurgency, kidnapping and other social vices are becoming a norm.
With prayer, change of orientation, justice and prevalence of rule of law. People should be given room to have say in governance, this is democracy not autocracy, it's simply the government of the people by the people and for the people but Nigeria system of democracy is different.

Democracy as being practiced in Nigeria is the government of the majority by the minority and against the majority. We will soon get to a point where the fight won't be against Hausa and Igbó or Yorùbá anymore, it's going to be between the oppressed and the oppressors.

Dear government of the day, kindly introspect and do the needful, if Nnamdi Azikwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Sir Ahmadu Bello had done it this way, am certain we will never be, together as a sovereign nation. People are really getting frustrated, as some had pronounced Nigeria, a mistake of 1914.

Its of no doubt that the government of the day are men of integrity, in order for Nigerians not to question that, let the will of the people prevail.

A word they said is enough for a wise.

Nigeria shall be great again.

Our Lord of the World, help us to build a nation where no man shall be oppressed.

Thanks so much for your time.

By: Lawal T. A. Jnr, ProlificSolace.

CEO, Creative Writers Initiative.


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