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Tinubu: Seizing Power For Decades By Gbadebo Adeagbo

 Bola Tinubu is one of the most influential politicians in Yoruba race and his track records has surpassed many alike in Nigeria. The entirety of power, position and influence wielded with unmatched followers characterized the system of government in this part of the world. History has made many immortal.

Some have been opined as juggernauts,  colossus and giant Nigeria could have. One striking question is why has power been seized for years by a singular entity without no one to query or break such political arrangement. The big picture is that temerity isn't a taboo  but a complete misfire. The history surrounding the fall of Constantinople should be a big lesson as it underscores consistency, effrontery and determination towards combating complexity.

Whether critics believes or not, Tinubu's school of politics remains the biggest assemblages of erudite, technocrats, skilled and unskilled elements. This huge feat wasn't accidental nor sudden but a planned task and schematization. Most Nigeria's bigwigs have underwent training and exposure under tinubu's tutelage.

Interestingly, Tinubu started his career as an accountant in Mobil Oil. As a brilliant chap he maintained and stabilize the revenues of the corporation with high skillfulness. At some quarters he was a pro-democrat fighting the course for a shift from military régime to civil rule. He was one of the few cerebral Yoruba senators who represented Lagos west in the aborted third republic. It should remain clear that he does not attain full dominance in a day but a careful gradual process.

The 1993 mishap that toppled with our civil rights and privileges recorded  more active lovers of democracy. Tinubu was however a frontier in this risky assignment. He continued to criticize the government of Ibrahim Babangida under the NADECO coliation  until he had to flee to exile for his safety.

By the return of democracy in 1999, Tinubu returned to Nigeria and contest for governor of Lagos state. He fought a great battle with Funsho Williams, and others before he could claim the Alliance for Democracy ticket. The Afenifere Yoruba group believes that the coming of alliance for democracy will champion Yoruba agenda regionally and at the national level. They further believed that the Yoruba race should have a voice under one regional party.

Tinubu survived 1999 via the deployment of NADECO coliation, Afenifere and godfatherism. He was a protégé of Abraham Adesanya and Ayo Adebanjo who exercise there power to make him emerge victorious. This we can call the genesis of godfatherism in Tinubu's political race.

After 2003 struggle for reelection Tinubu wax stronger. He clinched the Lagos seat without Afenifere's support,for reasons best known to them they were in pact with Obasanjo which made it possible for PDP to sweep Yoruba land except Lagos.

Since then he has grown in ego and pride. He has battled with the toughest men and won. He has arrived a status of a matador who kills his oppressor. Tinubu installed Raji Fasola and the network continue to expands.Whether good or bad, before you enjoys Tinubu's favor, you must enter into contracts or agreements which must not be  breached.

Tinubu's style of leadership is however a rebirth of godfatherism. He is acclaimed to be the most important entity in Lagos since 1999. Tinubu believes that a seating governor of Lagos should strictly face the activities of governance. Since politics is local, he commands the structure of Lagos politics. Nearly all the elective and appointive  position must pass through him for endorsement. We have all witnessed godfatherism style of government in Kwara, Anambra, Abia just to mention but a few but his exceptional traits of stabilizing this large network is incredible.

In 2014 he formed coliation with the northern political parties. Recall that Tinubu had earlier keep up the defunct AD which metamorphosed to Action Congress and Action Congress of Nigeria respectively. The agreement of the coalition was to sack the ruling people's democratic party who to many has drive Nigeria to precipe then. The coalition played out well and becomes a national exponent of the party.

The event which erupt in Lagos few days ago in Lagos will incite sane Nigerians that godfatherism will end one day. Adedibu, a key player of neo godfatherism does not lives forever.The disagreement between Ambode and Tinubu is still a tight practice of what brought Fashola into power. Ambode lost the support of the ruler of Lagos because of breach of agreement between the leader and the servant. His endorsement of another candidate is not shocking.

The real question that must be answered is that can one continue to reign forever? Of what benefits is godfatherism?. Power belongs to the people and this singular instrument can be used to wage war against many power broker.

Of the good works Tinubu has done,he has not matched the late Obafemi Awolowo records. Unlike Tinubu, Awolowo is a pro Yoruba warrior and proponent. Regardless of political parties, there exist tangible direction and purpose driven focus among the Yoruba during his time. The late sage does not give condition to deliver service for his followers rather developed all unconditionally.

Lagos or Nigeria cannot be within Tinubu's confine eternally.Tinubu can be more noble and rewrite history in the heart of Nigerians positively for nothing last forever but God.

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