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Rotimi Makinde Reveals How He Wants To Be Celebrated On His Birthday (See)

Like a colossus in the jungle of life, Honourable Rotimi Makinde bestrides the socio-economic political milieu of Osun State with elegance, dignity and style, as his life has been a testimony of dignity in unrelenting strife for better life rising from grass to grace.

He might not be loved by all, but Hon. Rotimi Makinde, a former  House of Representative member, has carved a niche for himself in years of his legislative history of the State of Osun in Nigeria.

He wrote:

I would have been a sharp and fearless writer if I was opportuned to live in the field of respected Late Dele Giwa, Dele Momodu or sitting in the comfort and prestigious zone of Proffesor Wole Soyinka but I am in my own little pen world, combining my predictive attributes to art and philosophical in words.

I have been described as a mere artist but I know I am in my chosen career yet full of wisdom and humor. I think humor is one of the hardest forms to master in life. I am sure I have not lost track of my sense of responsibility; combining my free gift of knowledge as a script writer, artist, civil servant and finally as a politician.

Brilliant at what gives me joy, I am usually calm, warm and compassionate although I can be incisively funny, spring surprises but more dangerous in keeping mute than what people could ever imagine especially if it's a topic that has to do with my community Ile Ife .

I was born on the 3rd of January of a great year and hoping  to live to fullest as God permits. In the recent, I have maintained my complete silence and low profile even in the heat of provocation and tribulations. Yet, I have been wrongly diagnosed for they never knew the pains I harbour as a victim of miscarriage of justice, corrupt permutations and as a specimen that loyalty is just a statement of opinion. This is not about my immediate or domestic challenges  but as I represent light and keep on and silently fighting agents of darkness in the name of posterity and my kingdom.

Let the good doctors of mind dissect how the pressures of being a symbol of today's transformation give adequate prescription that could heal the wounds that has to do with politics of faithfulness and commitment. He or she who failed to honour the late ones can never be trusted to represent the living ones well.

Certainly not a war to fight  with closed eyes. ......

To all my first contacts meaning my family, early-life friends, political associates, business partners, fans and admirers, come 3rd of January, 2019; the day I was given birth to, please be kind to touch at least a life on my behalf, respect the wish of at least a dead person you know, give out alms to the needy and don't forget to pray for me...
This is just the way I want this year birthday celebrated.

Compliments of the season.

Hon Rotimi Makinde

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