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Why I Want To Represent Oriade State Constituency - Babatunde Desmond Ojo

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress for Oriade State constituency in Osun state House of Assembly, Babatunde Desmond Ojo has made known his plans for his people if voted on Saturday.

Here is the full agenda of Ojo:

QUALITY REPRESENTATION OF ORIADE AT THE STATE: Ensure that the interest of the people of Oriade is properly and adequately protected at the State level.

ROBUST LAW - MAKING: Focus on moving motions and passing bills into laws that directly reflect and address the needs of Oriade Constituency and the State at large. No more bench warming

LEGISLATIVE OVERSIGHT: Carry out proper and diligent legislative oversight functions in the interest of the development of Oriade Constituency and the State at large.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT FAIRS FOR SENIOR SECONDARY STUDENTS: Organize regular career development fairs for Secondary Students for mentorship, academic guidance and counselling against social vices.

BURSARY AWARDS:  Initiate and sustain an annual bursary award for indigent students of Oriade State Constituency in tertiary institutions.
JOBS/EMPLOYMENT FACILITATION: Opening of a proper Information Data Bank of qualified but unemployed youths and liaison with private and public enterprises such as the Osun Job Centre for gainful employments for youths of Oriade.

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: Proper Investment in the development and empowerment of the youths of Oriade by ensuring long – term skills acquisition, provision of tools of trade and business management exposure.

BUSINESS SUPPORTS: Facilitation and Provision of soft loans and support for Small and Medium Scale Industries and business expansion grants and initiatives for drivers, butchers, traders and market men and women.

FARMING DEVELOPMENT: Improved seeds, supplements and Mechanized farming assistance via collective State, National and International efforts towards ensuring provision of food and increased farmers’ yields economically.

MEDICAL OUTREACH AND HEALTH INTERVENTION PROGRAMMES: Organize periodic medical outreaches and health fair programs such as eye tests, basic check - ups, minor surgeries, etc particularly for children, pregnant/nursing women and the elderly as well as facilitation and provision of affordable healthcare, drugs and medical facilities for primary health centres in Oriade Constituency to improve the health of the constituents.

FACILITATION OF RURAL AND URBAN ROADS: Facilitate and ensure contracts are awarded for the construction of roads in and out of Oriade constituency to movement of goods, people and improved development.

QUALITY EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS DEVELOPMENT: Ensure an Improvement in the quality of education for pupils and students of Oriade constituency and State Government in renovating/building schools as well as provision of adequate teaching aides and encouragement of teachers and the Nigerian Union of Teachers.

TOURISM DEVELOPMENT: Facilitate the commercial development of the huge tourism potentials of the constituency such as the Olumirin Waterfalls, Erin Ijesa etc into a major tourism hub.

FREE SCHOOL BUSES SCHEMES: Introduction of free school bus scheme for the school children of Oriade to ensure ease of movement To and Fro their schools.

YOUTH / CONSTITUENCY INTERACTION CENTER: Establishment of a youth development and constituency relations center in each of Zones for proper interaction of the youths of Oriade State Constituency with their representative towards overall communal development.

E – LIBRARY: Provision of an E-library with Newspapers and Internet Facilities which all people of Oriade state constituents will have access to with the aim of information, education and enlightenment.

PERIODIC TOWN HALL MEETINGS: Organize and attend town hall meetings with the constituents from time to time to create to interact with constituents, listen to their challenges and suggestions on the best ways to work towards the development of Oriade and an avenue for feedback from their representative.

CONTINUOUS INTERACTION: Regular interactions, meetings, engagements and attendance of social functions with indigenous student associations, youths groups, town unions, labour unions, civil society groups and community development associations of Oriade Constituency."

For Ojo, his campaign ethos is ‘to Impact, To Improve and To Influence positively the lives of the good people of Oriade State Constituency’.

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